What if sewing clothes was easy?

While I enjoy altering clothes sewing from scratch has always been more of a hassle for me. The sewing courses I visited were a lot about tracing complicated sewing patterns, cutting shapes and ironing and little actual sewing. During long teams sessions in a Covid winter I made a sweater from scratch. It consists of 2 simple fabric pieces and was completely sewn by hand. Since I really enjoyed this process I wanted to explore handsewing and see if I could make other clothes in this simple, slow way.

It was relatively easy to make garments that claim to be a dress/top/lose jacket.

So I decided to take on the garment that is the most difficult to construct. Interestingly, the 3 books about sewing without a pattern that I bought in my research didn’t have a single pair of pants in them.

colored patterns farben wie Kleidung5
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